Network Installation Services

ISP (Internet Service provider)

X-Fibre understand the complex issues in play when building full fibre networks to increase and support ISPs. 

Using a combination of third party duct networks and our own duct and pole installations; we work closely with service providers to install an infrastructure based upon their requirements.

Full reporting and transparency is part of the provision along with an end-to-end overview of each connection.

Community Projects

We believe that smaller towns, villages and rural areas are as deserving of a fast reliable broadband service as the larger towns and cities. But, they often rest between the priority areas identified by the large national operators. X-Fibre will work with these communities and their partners to deliver full-fibre connectivity to the outlying villages and countryside locations.

Public Sector

X-Fibre recognise that online services and information has grown to be one of the most prominent tools in local authority services provision. And, the installation of a future-proofed digital infrastructure is key to a district’s successful growth and forward planning.

Broadband services and digital access has been shown to help revitalise slow business growth areas, regenerate disadvantaged areas and aid the creation of a better social mobility infrastructure. And, these factors are instrumental in enabling economic growth and recovery

Private Estates


X-Fibre work with private estates to provide a superfast full–fibre infrastructure. Full costs and management plans are tailor made to suit the requirements of each estate, with a range of additional services available to suit individual needs.

Property Developments


Full fibre networks deliver the ultrafast speed, reliability and large bandwidths demanded by the sheer number devices we use simultaneously in our homes. A FTTH network ensures that the infrastructure expected and required by a purchaser is in place. In addition, for new-build properties, it helps with the saleability and value of the property too.

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